Tree Removal After a Severe Storm

Tree removal

Its onset was quick, but it had devastating effects. Not only do you hear reports about downed power lines and catastrophe elsewhere, your own property is a mess. Branches, both large and small, clutter your lawn. You suspect that there might be some dead branches dangling precariously above you that became partially unhinged during the storm. While spring storms of varying degrees are common in this region, this storm was severe.

In this situation, many people think that they’ll deal with the storm cleanup themselves. They’ll simply pull out a chainsaw, turn the fallen branches into firewood, and handle the messy aftermath on their own. However, you’ll soon find out that cleaning up after a severe spring storm isn’t quite as easy as you might initially expect. Fallen branch cleanup aside, what about the dead branches that loom overhead that may potentially fall on your vehicle or your home when they finally give way to gravity?

When you’ve just experienced a severe spring storm, your best course of action is to find an emergency tree removal service. When you have tree branches littering your property, and especially if you’ve sustained damage to your home, you need to call a professional team to help you clean up the damage. If you have a strong back and a sharp chainsaw, you may think that you can handle the ground cleanup on your own. However, beyond the need for simple tree trimming, severe storms may cause unseen damages that you cannot take care of without the proper equipment.

Dead branches can be exceedingly dangerous, especially after a storm where strong winds have blown through. In the tree removal industry, they’re called “widow makers” for a reason. These dead and dangling branches can fall and kill someone. Emergency tree removal, offered by a professional company, not only cleans up the fallen branches for you, but they remove the damaged branches that still remain in the air. Furthermore, while they are performing the emergency storm cleanup, they can also remove the non-threatening dead branches from trees that may become problematic when a new storm passes through.

These companies offer more than just emergency tree removal and cleanup. They provide a wide scale of maintenance services. For instance, if you have trees that are hovering over your home, have grown into your power lines, or are just blocking the sun from your lawn or garden, they can remove the problematic branches while ensuring the safety of the tree and your property. Additionally, if you have one that is dying due to disease or insects, a professional tree removal company can help you to get rid of the tree, safely and easily.

Whether you need a tree trimmed back, removed, or you need emergency cleanup due to a severe spring storm, professional tree trimming and removal specialists are the people to call. They’ll not only save you the hassles and the headaches of trying to clean up your own property after a storm, they’ll ensure that your job is done safely and effectively.

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