Tree Removal

Tree Removal in  Franktown, Parker and Elizabeth

Why you need tree removal for dead or dying trees!

If you have dead or dying trees on your property, it is critically important that you remove them as soon as possible. People do not appreciate how hazardous these trees truly are. They pose a severe fire danger, for one thing. And if they don’t go up in flames, there is also an extremely high probability they may spread disease or infestation to healthy trees, most likely by the Western Pine Beetle. The Western Pine Beetle, as you probably know, has devastated much of Colorado’s forests.If you live in a forested area in any of the front range counties of Colorado such as Franktown, Parker and Elizabeth. You are more than likely to be affected by the Mountian Pine Beetle.
It is important to cut and dispose of Pine Beetle infected trees to reduce the spread of the beetle to healthy trees. The pine beetle may not be the only parasite that can damage and kill your trees.
You are also wise to keep your property clear of dead trees to reduce the risk of fire. We have created an informational page for Fire Mitigation. Be sure and read the information there it could save your home!
Tree removal services should be left to the professionals. Falling trees and chain saws can be very dangerous. The professional has machinery for chipping the branches and will remove the trees from your property. You need to make sure that the company doing tree removal in fact cleans up and removes the trees.

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